Authentic traditional hospitality

Tourism Awards 2016_SILVER

The picturesque island of Hydra, an island with its routs buried deep in the Greek history and tradition, has for many years been a well-kept secret as a favourite getaway destination. Its rich history, its profound cultural inheritance and its authentic architectural style- as well as the island’s lack of cars- give Hydra the flair of a different, almost other-worldly era that attracts visitors from around the world. On a picture-perfect alley in the centre of the port of Hydra a 5 star hotel has been offering high class accommodation for the past 50 years; Hotel Leto Hydra.



Hotel Leto Hydra is a small nook of tranquillity and relaxation hidden in the centre of this remarkable destination. Surrounded by beautiful buildings and cobblestoned alleys, with features that complement Hydra’s unique ambiance, Leto Hotel is a warm and cosy haven for visitors seeking not just comfortable accommodation, but a homely retreat that encapsulates all the charm and grace of Hydra.

The island of Hydra connotes to high quality holidays, tranquillity, carefree times and landscapes of unique beauty. Hotel Leto fits harmoniously to the island’s casual yet stately atmosphere, offering upscale accommodation in Hydra Island that transcends your expectations.






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